A Gathering of Magical Cards

One of the first and oldest collectable card games is Magic The Gathering. It was developed by a mathematical professor and introduced to the world in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. Regardless the advances of technology and the many trading card games that have come after it, as well as video games, Magic remains one of the most very popular magic based games.A Rare MultiversityThe trading card game that Magic offers is set around the initialisation of a virtual economy and is usually a two player turn based game, but more players can join. The usual two opponents pretend to be wizards and are referred to as ‘planes walkers’. Starting with initial points of twenty-five, the players deal out cards and use them to attack each other based on the values that the cards hold. In this way players can earn points, or lose them all depending on the interactions of the information and values of the cards. Once one of the players loses all their points, the game is over. This type of game play was very popular in the nineties, especially as school yard game and continues to be played today online and at gatherings by players of all ages.A World Wide PhenomenonFrom the first appearance of the Magic The Gathering in the earliest developments in the night times, it has had many new versions, additional cards and playable strategies added to the game and Magic continues to thrive and entertain countless of fans. It is a thought-provoking card game, whether played online or in the traditional sense of hand-held cards and has sprung many mini competitions, tournaments and even a championship. A worldwide popular system has been developed to ensure that all the different cards that are available have various degrees of rarity as well as regulations that make it a game that cannot be played just randomly hand, but one that takes skill and practice and well as intense thought and strategy to win, thus adding to its sort after enthusiasm and popularity.Remaining PopularThis strategy based and very popular trading card game has been seen played in schools, at special gatherings, tournaments and online and it will continue to do so as its developers continue to shape and add to the design and collectability of Magic The Gathering and it will not disappear in a cloud of smoke any time soon.